TrueZK Introduction

3 min readDec 2, 2022


The scalability trilemma (of Scalability v Security v Decentralization) is present in all networks today. The more L1 network pushes for scalability the more resources it consumes and the network tends towards being centralized when nodes are not easily accessible. The majority of transactions on Eth network will eventually be done on rollups in the near future such as DeFi, NFT, Metaverse, Games. Rollup inherits security of an ethereum mainnet without much hassle & can focus more on bringing scalability & execution.

With freedom to focus on execution efficiency, via TrueZK we aim to iterate towards the best version of ZK Rollups and achieve extreme speed and offer users a seamless experience of the network. Often exiting a rollup feels like abandoning a journey midway, it should be a relatively smooth process and that is what we want to achieve with TrueZK with a simple one-click experience.

Key vision of TrueZK is

  1. Iterate over time to achieve extreme execution speed of 60k TPS
  2. Rollup as a Service (RAAS) for institutional users and Web3 adoption
  3. Cross-chain interoperability across all EVM chains
  4. Offer seamless one-click user experience for bridging NFTs/assets
  5. Zero/Low-dynamic gas fee for transactions
  6. First with Private & Public ledger
  7. Offers network-level decentralization
  8. Ecosystem Incentives for users to keep NFTs/assets into TrueZK.

Pigeons in the Hat

Data Availability: As Etherum pivots modular systems rollups will enjoy a large data capacity which will grow over time. Etherum will possess the highest data availability. Synergistically, being the ultimate chain for rollups means Ethereum users also get to benefit from alternative data availability solutions which TrueZK can bring to the table.

Transaction Cost: Transaction costs on rollups are already fairly low, but they aren’t low enough. With TrueZK optimizations we aim to bring huge reductions in gas costs. With validity proof amortization, The amortized cost of transactions becomes cheaper as more people submit to a batch. Also Volitions gives TrueZkK ability to utilize off-chain data which leads to an enormous reduction in cost of transactions

Privacy : With adoption of PLONKS and ZK-ZK rollups TrueZK aims to bring cheaper and more powerful forms of privacy to all ZK-rollups.

Flexibility: ZK-rollups enjoy the freedom to innovate on multiple fronts without the risks of catastrophic failure. L1 contracts can not iterate as rapidly as rollups can. When an L1 chain fails, losses can be catastrophic. In a worst case scenario, when a rollup breaks, it will need to be operated manually until it is fixed. TrueZK will implement a SOS web portal which will allow rollup to be operated manually in such scenarios.

Adoption: With TrueZK we aim to build a decentralized game engine which will enable community and partners to build various on-chain games with zero transaction costs. Marketplaces will be able to bridge, trade, mint NFT & assets with very low dynamic transaction fees.

Rabbit out of the Hat

We are on the verge of a strong paradigm shift that will forever change the crypto ecosystem and may eventually phase out L1 smart contracts. There have been many scaling propositions, solutions, researches and implementation with success & failure, just to find the right way to make thing works better for all users and the work may be far from over, we are clear with destination rollups wants to achieve and with TrueZK we will help scale Ethereum and we put our best efforts to do so.

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Post-Quantum ZK Rollup as a service (RAAS) Focused zkEVM that offers Privacy On Demand, Scalability, Account Abstraction, Mobile & Unity SDKs