TrueZK & Avail : Unifying Web3 Through Modular Scalability and Integration

3 min readMay 17, 2024


TrueZK, a modular blockchain network that enables custom rollup deployments, has formed a strategic partnership with Avail by integrating Avail’s foundational Data Availability (DA) solution within our platform. This partnership underscores TrueZK’s commitment to providing developers with a comprehensive range of cutting-edge technologies for building and deploying custom Rollups.

Leveraging Avail DA’s Strengths:

  • Scalability: Avail DA forms the foundational layer for abundantly scalable modular chains, optimized explicitly for data availability, enabling efficient rollup growth.
  • Trustless Verification: Avail DA utilizes validity proofs based on KZG Polynomial commitments, allowing light clients to independently verify data availability without relying on third-party claims.
  • Modular Integration: Avail DA’s modular approach simplifies blockchain integration, freeing developers from concerns over validator sets or tokenomics.
  • Versatility: Supporting various execution environments like EVM, WASM, and custom runtimes, Avail DA provides a versatile foundation for diverse blockchain applications.

It’s very easy to deploy a custom Rollup using Avail DA as a Data Availability layer through TrueZK RaaS. You can sign in to the platform and familiarize yourself with the create rollup flow from TrueZK Docs.

As shown in below Figure. 1, you can simply select the Avail option in the Data Availability component and build your scalable and secure L2 solution in just a few clicks.

Figure. 1: Select Avail DA in Rollup configuration

Through this integration, TrueZK users can leverage Avail DA’s innovative security approach, enabling the creation of zero-knowledge validity proof-based blockchain applications with greater efficiency and ease.

TrueZK’s Rollup as a Service (RaaS) platform now offers Avail DA as a cutting-edge data availability layer option, empowering developers to build custom rollups tailored to their specific needs while benefiting from Avail’s unparalleled data availability interface and powerful security capabilities.

About Avail

Avail aims to accelerate the unification of Web3 through its Unification Layer, comprising the DA base layer, Nexus composable/ interoperable layer, and Fusion security layer. Avail is designed as a cohesive platform that bridges the gaps between various blockchain ecosystems, providing a modular, scalable, and interoperable solution.

Avail’s approach draws lessons from the Web2 landscape to innovate in Web3, ensuring a unified and cohesive user experience within a flexible and modular blockchain ecosystem. By implementing the right primitives and standards, Avail seeks to foster interoperability and coordination among diverse blockchain networks, enhancing the overall user experience while promoting a more integrated and efficient decentralized ecosystem.

Through its foundational Data Availability (DA) layer, Avail empowers different ecosystems to innovate freely, leveraging the capabilities of the Nexus layer for cross-ecosystem messaging, liquidity, and communication. This modular design allows for seamless integration and collaboration, breaking down barriers and enabling a truly interconnected web of decentralized applications and services.

Read more about Avail & Avail DA in docs here

About TrueZK

TrueZK is a Modular blockchain network enabling custom rollup deployments.

Deploy custom Rollups with your preferred modular components using TrueZK. We offer a complete platform to build Appchains with ZK stack, Mobile & Gaming SDKs, Privacy on demand, & Tokenization to drive mass adoption.

Read more docs about TrueZK here

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